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Spring is here, and that means you can really let loose when it comes to putting together new outfits. The warmer weather means thinner, more comfy fabrics. You can go without sleeves, skip the jackets, and the pants and leggings can take a hike. it’s so much fun to find new blouses to rock during spring, too. But there are so many out there to wade through, which ones are the prettiest? How do you even sift through the seemingly innumerable amount out there to find the best of the best?

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We are now nine days away from the official first day of spring, and that means it’s time to pivot your wardrobe. If you prefer flouncy, sheer tops or off-the-shoulder iterations, now is the time to let those pieces shine! Additionally, finding a comfy top that can transition into the season could be the key […]

You let us handle it, of course. We’ve gone through hundreds of the gorgeous spring tops Amazon has on offer for the season, and we’ve rounded them up for your perusal. If you’re interested in refreshing your wardrobe with a variety of new shirts you can wear throughout spring and all the way through summer, be sure to check out our 17 picks below and fill your cart up accordingly.

17 Breezy Spring Tops That You’ll Wear All Season Long

1. Polka Dot Power: Rock this soft and sleeveless top with polka dot accents in any weather and you’ll look polished and put together  – just $14!

2. Strappy and Happy: Toss on this tank with eyelet accents and double spaghetti strap sleeves for a casual look that you’ll wear all the time – just $16!

3. Eyelet Love: Don’t pass up this gorgeous tank with large eyelets and lace sleeves to keep things interesting – just $20!

4. Casually Cool: You can wear this textured crewneck tee anywhere, including to work, this spring while looking effortlessly cool – just $15!

5. Fluttery Fun: Wear these fluttery sleeves for a fun, flirty look no matter how you decide to style this top – just $15!

6. Very V-Neck: Rock this look for a casual night out or for everyday work wear since it can work with any outfit – just $22!

7. Super-Thin Sweater: Grab this ultra-thin sweater on the off chance it gets a little breezy, as it has short sleeves and a fun design – just $20!

8. Really Ruffled: This top is all about ruffles from top to bottom, and they’ll look great with leggings, slacks, or a fun pencil skirt – just $16!

9. Block It Out: Can’t decide which color to wear? Wear both with this fun, color block blouse with two options split down the middle – just $32!

10. Pretty Pleats: This unique pleated scoop-neck top comes in tons of colors and prints for a look that’s uniquely you – just $17!

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11. Knitting Can Stop You: Show off the gorgeous knit work around this blouse’s collar and you’ll be asked where you found it all day long – just $14!

12. Babydoll Vibes: This tie-front babydoll top makes a serious statement with big sleeves and even bigger personality – just $20!

13. Tanks A Lot: This sleeveless top is a modern upgrade from your typical tank as it gives some serious grown-up vibes – just $18!

14. Teed Up: Stock up on this casual tee that comes in a wide variety of prints and colors – just $17!

15. Half and Half: This color block top has regular sleeves on one side and spaghetti straps on the right for a unique look – just $19!

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16. Criss-Cross: This criss-cross strap blouse has a fun pop of color that’ll give you a nice bit of fun for your day – just $20!

17. Cold Shoulder: Show off your shoulders with this peekaboo top with contrast stitching that you’ll love finding new ways to rock – just $20!

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