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Abbott Elementary star William Stanford Davis revealed that he couldn’t even tell his wife about Janine and Gregory getting together at the end of season 3.

“I had to keep that a big secret. I couldn’t even tell my wife,” he exclusively told Us Weekly on Saturday, June 15, during the 12th Annual Ed Asner & Friends Celebrity Poker Tournament, which was held at CBS Radford Studios in Los Angeles.

Davis, who plays janitor Mr. Johnson on the ABC comedy series, added that he typically tells his wife of over 20 years, manager Laura Pallas, “everything.”

“She was actually happy about the way it ended. It was the episode before where they were in the restaurant,” he said, referring to the penultimate episode of the season. “Gregory got jealous. She played that about five times, so she was like, ‘OK, they never are going to get together.’ When she saw they got together, she was thrilled.”

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Davis added that “of course” the cast was excited as well. “See, we don’t know where it’s going to go,” he said. “You never know where it’s going to go.”

Quinta Brunson and Tyler James Williams star as teachers Janine Teagues and Gregory Eddie, respectively, who have had a will-they-won’t-they relationship since season 1. The pair finally seemed to get together in the Abbott Elementary season 3 finale when Gregory kissed Janine at her house party.

“I think that it’s a good thing,” Davis told Us. “I’m trying to say it properly. I think that’s great. We don’t know where it’s gonna go. I think it’s really — the fans have been going insane that they have gotten together. But I thought that with it being on the show, it was a great thing. I’m trying to keep it around.”

Janine and Gregory had addressed their feelings for each other in the season 2 finale, which aired in April 2023, but decided to remain friends as Janine prioritized herself over dating.

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“We talked about that one scene for it feels like two weeks. And I’m happy it came together so well,” Williams told Decider of Janine and Gregory’s big kiss in May. “I could tell [Brunson] was very concerned about landing this the right way — not only in how we shot it and how it was written, but how she performed it. The stakes were very high for her, I could tell, with this scene. And I think, once again, she executed it perfectly.”

Abbott Elementary has been renewed for a fourth season at ABC.

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