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As an influx of immigration from around the world continues to surge, many are now crossing into the country through gaps in the border wall – and TikTok is reportedly helping them do it.

“TikTok, TikTok,” a translator speaking for a 37-year-old female Chinese migrant relayed to “60 Minutes” after being asked about how they learned about the southern border gaps near California.

According to a segment on “60 Minutes,” migrants have purportedly been using videos on the China-owned social media platform that provide ‘step-by-step instructions’ for how to find gaps in the border wall and hire smugglers. 

A TikTok spokesperson told Fox News Digital, “TikTok strictly prohibits human smuggling which we remove from our platform and report to law enforcement when warranted.”

According to TikTok’s website, the company provides a space for “survivors of human exploitation to share their stories, and for migrants and refugees to be able to document their journeys, so we provide a space to do so.”

The social media company also claimed that 93% of the human trafficking content on the platform was removed proactively. 

“60 Minutes” also reported that SUVs arrived along the fence of the border every thirty minutes to drop off more and more groups of migrants, totaling almost 600 people crossing the gap over the course of four days alone.

Migrants have been TikTok videos that give them ‘step-by-step instructions’ for how to find gaps in the border wall. James Keivom

The Senate unveiled the new bipartisan border bill this month, but it quickly died due to overwhelming opposition from Republicans. 

House Speaker Mike Johnson, R-La., voiced his thoughts on the impact of the proposed bill on X, stating, “I’ve seen enough.

This bill is even worse than we expected, and won’t come close to ending the border catastrophe the President has created. As the lead Democrat negotiator proclaimed: Under this legislation, ‘the border never closes.”

TikTok claimed that 93% of the human trafficking content on the platform was removed proactively.  REUTERS
TikTok says they strictly prohibit human smuggling that was removed from the platform. James Keivom

House Majority Leader Steve Scalise, R-La., also chimed in, saying, “Let me be clear: The Senate Border Bill will NOT receive a vote in the House. Here’s what the people pushing this ‘deal’ aren’t telling you: It accepts 5,000 illegal immigrants a day and gives automatic work permits to asylum recipients — a magnet for more illegal immigration.”

The Chief of the US Border Patrol was disappointed in Congress’ failure to pass the deal. 

“We need more people. We need more agents on the line. They need more force multipliers in the way of technology and equipment infrastructure that doesn’t just help them do their job better, it helps keep them safe.” Jason Owens during an interview with Fox News. “I am disappointed. And I would tell [Congress], don’t stop: Keep working together and come to a consensus that helps us keep this country safe.”

As the effects of the migration crisis spread, states fight an uphill battle to not become overwhelmed from the pressures of housing thousands of new migrants. 

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