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Christine Brown’s husband, David Woolley, made his Sister Wives: 1-on-1 debut during part 4 of the tell-all — and he had his wife’s back the entire time.

During the Sunday, December 17, episode, David responded to Kody Brown’s claim that Christine, 51, was “Machiavellian” throughout their marriage.

“The experience I had was Machiavellian. If she’s not 1702896286, then she is in love,” Kody, 54, told host Sukanya Krishnan, noting that he stands by his past assertion that Christine was cunning or acting in bad faith before their 2021 split. “Unless she’s Machiavellian to get away with her husband, which is going to be a very normal thing in any kind of marriage.”

Kody added: “[In] years to come, if we all become friends, David might be pulling me aside and [going], ‘Dude, this is nuts,’ because he’s complaining about his wife. And I’ll say, ‘Dude, be loyal to your wife. Don’t talk to me about it.’ Because guys normally like to complain about their wives to each other.”

David, who married Christine in October, shared during his first on-camera appearance that he doesn’t see his wife the same way that Kody does. “He’s definitely wrong [about] her being backstabbing and stuff like. No, she’s not that at all. I don’t see that,” he explained. “And I’m a people person. I can read people. She’s not that way at all. She is really good.”

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David joked that Christine can sometimes be “a little clueless about things that [go] on,’ saying, “I’m like, ‘Christine!’ But as far as her being conniving, no.” David, who is the father of eight children, then gave his honest opinion of Kody.

“He wears his emotions on his sleeve,” he said of Christine’s ex, with whom she shares six kids. “Would I be like that? No. He wants you to hear him.”

Viewers will have the chance to see more of David when Sister Wives: Christine and David’s Wedding part 1 premieres on TLC Sunday, January, at 10 p.m. ET. Scroll down for the biggest revelations from part 4 of Sister Wives: 1-on-1:

Christine Reveals She Identifies With Cruella de Vil

Throughout season 18 of Sister Wives, Christine and Kody sat down to discuss their divorce and how they would move forward as exes. The lunch took place after Kody overcame a rough battle with COVID-19, which Christine awkwardly laughed about.

“She’s mocking everything about my pain. I have tripped, I have fallen. This [has] literally unraveled my family and destroyed all of my dreams,” Kody said on Sunday’s tell-all, reflecting on the uncomfortable chat. “And she’s riding off in the sunset to a happier life. And I’m sitting here not picking up the pieces, but just in the place where I’m going, ‘Well, I guess I’ve got to figure out how my life looks.’”

Christine wasn’t apologetic for laughing at Kody during one of his darker times. In fact, she felt free in that moment. “I’ve always loved the Disney villains more than the princesses. I just have. So right there I was like, ‘You know what? I hid so much from you, so much. And I am going to laugh,’” she recalled, revealing her favorite villain is Cruella.

“I was thinking [of] Emma Stone being Cruella in [2021’s Cruella]. And I’m like, ‘Yes, that’s a little bit crazy,’” Christine continued, pointing out that she finally “could just be me” after moving on from Kody.

“Could I just be me sometimes with Kody? No, he didn’t like that. He only wanted me to be positive. He only wanted me to be fun. He only liked the fun little bubbly part of me.” she claimed. “Well, guess what? He doesn’t get that I’m not married to him anymore. I don’t have to be all, ‘Oh, I’m so sorry.’ I didn’t feel good. I’m not going to stuff it [in] anymore.”

Kody Doesn’t Blame Christine for Family Unraveling

Despite their dramatic split, Kody doesn’t think Christine is responsible for “destroying” his bigger family picture. “That’s all my fault for marrying a woman I didn’t love,” Kody confessed. “No, that’s the truth. And she knows that. As hard as I worked at it and dug into it and went [all in on] every devotion that I could have, that still was prevailing for us, it never really worked.”

Following his breakup with Christine, Kody split from second wife Janelle Brown in 2022. His first wife, Meri Brown, confirmed their separation in January, leaving Kody legally married to fourth wife Robyn Brown.

Robyn Wants Permission From Sister Wives to Live Monogamously

Kody was adamant during the tell-all that he “wouldn’t be interested” in adding another sister wife to his family, revealing he’s content with Robyn, 45. “I would have to tell that [new] woman, ‘I will never love you as much as I love her’ because now I know better,” he said.

Meri, 52, confessed that she’s sure Robyn is “very sad” about their plural family falling apart. “I don’t know how it would be being the one left standing,” she said, noting, “If [Kody] loves Robyn so much that he can let go of the three of us, that’s on him, not her.”

Robyn, however, admitted she was conflicted over being in a monogamous relationship with Kody after making a commitment to their plural family. “It’s weird to be loving and respectful to Kody [alone],” she said. “I just don’t know how this works exactly. It’s weird. I feel like it’s disrespectful. That feels disrespectful to be happy with Kody.”

While the show’s host told Robyn that all her sister wives wanted her to be “happy” with Kody, Robyn couldn’t get past the vows she made. “I need an off-camera [chat] to my face [for permission] because I don’t know how [to move on]. It feels like it’s disrespectful to his kids. It feels disrespectful to the commitments that I made,” she explained. “My commitment to them about this family is not broken, and I don’t know how to break it.”

Christine Manifested Husband David

David revealed that when he showed Christine’s dating profile to his daughter, “she thought that I was being catfished,” admitting that he knew who Christine was before their first date. “When I met her, it was just instant,” he recalled. “We would talk for hours and hours. No drama. Believe it or not.”

David sat beside Christine as they watched a scene from Sister Wives in which Christine described her ideal man. “As far as body, the look I want [is] bald, tattoos and driving a motorcycle. That’s the vision,” Christine previously shared.

David, for his part, is bald and has tattoos, one of which is a matching design with Christine that means “new beginnings” in Celtic. “She found out that I used to have a motorcycle and she about fell on the floor,” David said on the tell-all. “I did have one. That was weird, [she manifested me].”

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Why Kody Can’t Forgive Christine Just Yet

After watching a clip of Christine telling her children that Kody “wasn’t attracted” to her during their marriage, Kody wasn’t pleased. “That scene bothers me because she’s asking my children to side with her,” he confessed. “Maybe I’m just delusional, but once again, I got a problem with her, kind of set[ting] my kids against me in order to gain favor with her. And that’s what I see happening there.”

Kody continued: “I was attached to her and in the eyes of my children, I was there, and I was with her. She told them that I wasn’t. What she did was wrong and I’m happy for her and her life and that she’s moving forward and that she’s going to find love. I’m happy for that. But I cannot forgive, at least not right now, that she has pit my children against me in a very subtle but real way. That bothers me.”

Meri Is ‘OK’ Not Being Invited to Christine’s Wedding

Part 4 of the season 18 special was taped ahead of Christine and David’s October nuptials. When the wedding took place, Janelle, 54, and her six children, as well as five of Christine’s kids and Meri’s child, Leon, were all in attendance.

Meri was not on the guest list, which was fine with her. “I’m OK with it because a wedding is a very special moment that you don’t want to have any issues they’re not going to want,” Meri shared on the tell-all. “And I would not want to bring that, you know, kind of conflict of emotion into Christine’s wedding. I would not want that for her. I’m truly OK with that.”

Janelle Isn’t Open to a Reconciliation With Kody

“I don’t foresee that we will ever reconcile. I don’t,” Janelle shared about her and Kody’s post-split dynamic. “It would be some sort of, like, magic fairy tale where we all transformed into some sort of different people and that doesn’t happen in real life.”

Janelle noted that friendship is still on the table for the exes. “I still have such high regard for him. And I can remember all the good times, but I don’t want to reconcile,” she added.

The Cast Reveals Their Celeb Crushes

In the final few moments of the TLC special, some of the stars dished on their celebrity crushes. “God, I got to think about it. Oh, Gerard Butler is always a go for me,” Janelle revealed, adding that Jason Momoa is also dreamy.

Meri described her ideal partner as “tall,” before sharing, “I mean, Matthew McConaughey has always been my celebrity crush.” Kody pointed to Sophia Loren as his all-time favorite crush.

He also told viewers that Robyn’s pick is Ryan Reynolds. “That’s why I have six-pack abs now is because I got to keep the competition going with Ryan Reynolds,” Kody joked.

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