Web Stories Friday, March 1


– Federal Reserve signals rate hikes are done and hints at cuts in 2024 

– Dow soars to all-time high, crosses 37,000 for first time 

– Consumer inflation eases, but prices remain high for some items 

– Intel’s CEO talks about his big AI bet 

-Costco’s gold rush 

-Inside the business of college football bowls 


Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell delivered an early Christmas gift to Wall Street, signaling that policymakers are done hiking interest rates after 11 increases since 2022 that lifted the Federal Funds rate to 5.25%-5.55%. Now policymakers say they may soon be prepared to roll out multiple rate hikes in 2024… continue reading here. 

VIDEO: Inside the Federal Reserve’s interest rate decision as the news broke. 

DOW HITS ALL-TIME HIGH: Investors cheered the Fed’s decision by pushing the Dow Jones Industrial Average above 37,000 for the first time in history. It was the first fresh record since January 2022. UnitedHealth Group has added the most points to the benchmark since the 36,000 level, while 3M has subtracted the most, according to Dow Jones Market Data Group…continue reading here. 

VIDEO: The Dow 30 are joining tech and growth stocks, which are on pace for one of the best years in a decade. 

INFLATION NATION: The consumer price index for November was a mixed bag with overall inflation moderating. However, there are still pockets of elevated prices…continue reading here.

VIDEO: Jim Grant of Grant’s Interest Rate Observer sounds the alarm on inflation. 

INSIDE INTEL’S AI SPLASH: The chipmaker rolled out AI PC on Thursday, and CEO Pat Gelsinger said the product has the same game-changing possibility as its Centrino, which essentially made wide adoption of WiFi possible. 

“Some people will do some high-end and niche products, but we are going to bring it everywhere. We are going to deliver hundreds of millions of these devices. We already have over 100 different application developers who are signing up to be part of the AI PC efforts that we’re bringing forward,” he said during an appearance on The Claman Countodwn…continue reading here.

VIDEO: Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger on dominating AI.

Intel CEO Patrick Gelsinger

COSTCO’S GOLD RUSH: The warehouse retailer, known for selling a 72-lb. cheese wheel that sells for nearly $1,000 and Kirkland wine, is also selling one of the world’s most precious metalscontinue reading here.

costco whole sale with new 1 oz gold bar

Costco shares hit an all-time high on Friday and have gained over 44% this year, outpacing the S&P 500’s 23% rise. 

COLLEGE BOWL GAMES KICKOFF: Colleges will begin facing off in many coveted football bowl games throughout the country this weekend. These match-ups are big stakes for the schools and students and big money as well…continue reading here.

Rose Bowl Game


Holiday cheer dominated the U.S. stock market this week as the S&P 500 capped its longest winning streak in six years, while the Dow clocked three straight days of record closes…More on stock action this week.


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