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When it comes to stocking your wardrobe, it’s all about striking a balance between investing in high-quality pieces that last multiple seasons and incorporating affordable items into your wardrobe that still allow you to embrace trends without overspending.

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Knowing what to choose is certainly the difficult part. Think about it — when it comes to knits, I tend to pay more to avoid instant pilling, but I may buy a generic cute tee or scarf to top off my ensemble without breaking the bank. With that in mind, I’ve put together a mix of luxury and affordable items to guide you on your stealth-wealth approach to fashion, withstanding ever-changing trends in the process.

1. Kick Crush: Add crisp, white sneakers to your outfit for a clean, timeless look. These are currently marked down to just above $50!

2. Deal Alert: Owning a basic tee in neutral colors is essential to layering, and for just $42.99, you get four tees in blue, gray, white and black.

3. LBD: The little black dress cannot be overdone, and this one can be played up or down depending on your accessories.

4. Never Fades: Don’t mess around with trench coats, invest in a quality piece you’ll adore — because she ain’t going anywhere.

5. Posh Spice: Love a polished feel? Add this pleated skirt to your business attire. Warning: compliments will be given.

6. Tweed Nothings: Chanel-inspired mini skirts are a must, and this tweed, rosey skirt serves up glamour and poise in every stitch.

7. Must-Have: These cigarette pants (a.k.a. skinny straight-cut) cast a clean line with blazers, sweaters or even a tee, and will remain a hallmark forever.

8. Excellent Value: Splurge on quality cashmere exclusively at Quince — you can buy it for less thanks to their business model. Check out this Mongolian cashmere fisherman crewneck sweater immediately!

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9. Warm Up: Nothing like a fleece-lined hoodie to get you through the chilly season.

10. Mom Jeans: Bella Hadid has been causing a stir by wearing high-waisted jeans, but I assure you these high-waisted jeans are a forever staple because they’re supremely comfortable. End of story.

11. Refined: A well-tailored blazer adds a touch of professionalism to jeans, and having a suit on hand never hurt anyone.

12. OK, Sailor: A boat-neck top is flattering on every figure and adds a bit of flavor to your wardrobe.

13.  Old School: Give the updated Rosie-the-Riveter denim jumpsuit a try with an easy slide-in zipper and belt at the waist.

14. Made for Each Other: Matching sets aren’t going anywhere, and this button-down sweater paired with jogger slip-on pants effortlessly transitions from indoor coziness to outdoor adventures.

15. Bestseller Status: You can never go wrong reaching for a pashmina. It works as a cover-up or a scarf!

16. Forever Classic: The button-down white collared shirt can be dressed down with jeans as demonstrated by Meghan Markle on multiple occasions

17. Run, Don’t Walk: A moto-leather jacket brings up your cool factor by about 110%. This real leather stud is only $149.90, but valued at $529. Hurry before the secret is out!

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