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Former NBA player Nate Robinson is hoping for a miracle as he continues to search for a kidney donor.

Ever since his kidneys failed in 2018, the 40-year-old athlete has been struggling with his health and doing all that he can to receive some relief.

“The Black people I know that go through this — [getting a kidney] is always harder for them,” Robinson told Men’s Health in an interview published Tuesday, June 18. “For some reason, they make it harder for us, bro. To get healthy, to get a kidney, to do anything. Our people go through tough times.”

According to the publication, Robinson’s kidneys have been functioning at less than 15 percent of their optimal capacity. Some days, the father of three experiences cramps all over his body. On other occasions, he suffers from vomiting and shortness of breath.

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He hopes to get on the Washington state kidney transplant waitlist and eventually the national list. While the odds may be against him, Robinson isn’t giving up hope.

“I’ve never been a quitter and I ain’t gon’ start now,” he proclaimed. “I’m gonna be a testimony to somebody. My story doesn’t end here.”

For 11 seasons, Robinson was a force in the NBA as he played for eight different teams. After leaving the league in 2015, he continued to play professionally around the world until his kidneys failed in 2018.

During the coronavirus pandemic, Robinson got sick with COVID-19 and received a startling update in the hospital.

“They told me I might as well start dialysis today,” he recalled of his 2020 visit. “‘Your kidneys are working too hard; they’re deteriorating as we speak. The only way you will walk out of here alive is if you start dialysis.’ It was the only thing I had left.”

These days, Robinson follows a fairly strict diet that doesn’t include processed foods and fast food. He dreams of dunking another basketball into the hoop. For now, he’ll stay positive and celebrate being able to grab the rim.

“I learned that I had to count my blessings,” Johnson said after receiving another dialysis treatment. “There are people here with diabetes. They’re blind or have piss bags or something is wrong with their insides. And for the most part, I’m healthy. So count your blessings. Humble yourself. My [family] kept telling me that I couldn’t stop living.”

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