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A nine-month-old boy will grow up without his parents after an alleged drunk driver slammed into their car at a high rate of speed — killing them both months before their wedding.

Jacob Hahn, 24, and Savannah Harding, 22, were killed while driving westbound on Fremont Pike in Ohio on the night of Dec. 9 after the alleged drunk driver, Samantha Hammons, rear-ended their vehicle, causing it to spin into oncoming traffic, according to WTVG.

The force of impact from Hammon’s speeding Kia Soul caused the couple’s car to be fatally struck by an eastbound Dodge Journey.

Hahn and Harding were pronounced dead at the scene, leaving behind their infant son, Beckett.

The Elmore couple were engaged to be married next June.

Hammons, 55, from Toledo, is charged with two counts of aggravated vehicular homicide and was booked in the Wood County Jail, documents from the Perrysburg Municipal Court show.

Samantha Hammons was arrested and charged with two counts of aggravated vehicular homicide. Wood County Sheriff’s Office

The reckless driver’s two adult daughters were in the backseat of their mother’s Kia when she caused the fatal crash, according to police.

Hammons, including her daughters, were taken to a local hospital with minor injuries.

The driver of the Dodge Journey was also taken in for minor injuries but was later released.

Hammons was under the influence of alcohol d before getting behind the wheel, according to the court documents.

Jacob Hahn and Savannah Harding had just welcomed their son, Beckett, to the world nine months ago. Jacob Hahn / Facebook

“My heart aches so much now that you are gone,” Harding’s sister, Brooklyn, wrote in a somber Facebook post, referring to the couple as the “sweetest souls.”

“Life is so unfair. All because of a drunk driver. Taking my only sister/sibling away from me.”

“You were one of my biggest role models growing up. You made me a first time aunt to little Beckett. I will always be there for him. We all will,” Brooklyn shared.

Brooklyn vowed to honor her sister’s memory and will “fight” for justice following the couple’s senseless deaths.

The young couple were engaged to be married next June. Jacob Hahn / Facebook
Hammons’ charges carry a mandatory prison sentence of two to eight years Jacob Hahn / Facebook

Brooke Johnson, Hahn’s cousin, wrote she’s “sad, but mostly angry” after news broke of her loved one and his fiancées were killed by the reckless drunk behind the wheel.

“Angry that an irresponsible and reckless woman took away the lives of two very young people who truly just started living theirs,” Johnson wrote in a Facebook post.

“My heart is completely broken for sweet Beckett, because he will never get to know how amazing his parents were, and how much they loved him!”

A family member wrote how excited Hahn was to become a father when he found out Harding was pregnant. Jacob Hahn / Facebook

In her heartfelt post, Johnson shared how excited Hahn was to become a father.

“The best call I ever got from him was when he facetimed me to tell me he was going to be a DAD! He flipped the camera to a sign that said they were expecting, and I yelled “Shut the f*** up!” And he just laughed, but I could tell he was scared to death, but so happy!”

In the wake of the tragedy, businesses and community groups in Elmore have organized fundraising events to support the orphaned infant and family. 

“None of us can take away the pain away, but we can help to ease the burden that is left behind,” Jes Reynolds, the owner of Unvaulted Treasures, one of the participating businesses, told WTOL 11.

The young couple was pronounced dead at the scene after their car spun into an eastbound lane. Jacob Hahn / Facebook

Reynolds store has been stacking up donations, including clothing, blankets, diapers, and other items for Backett.

DeSTAZio’s, a pizzeria in Elmore, donated 100% of their profits to the cause on Wednesday, sharing that they had completely sold out of products to sell before the day was up.

“We actually had a number of people come in and just make donations and didn’t even buy a pizza. Everyone just wants to support this family,” co-owner Connie DeStazio told the outlet.

Businesses and community groups in Elmore have organized fundraising events to support the orphaned infant and family.  Jacob Hahn / Facebook

Elmore is about 18 miles northwest of Toledo.

A judge set Hammons’ bond at $500,000.

Hammons’ charges are second-degree felonies in Ohio and carry a mandatory prison sentence of two to eight years, along with a lifetime license suspension if she’s found guilty.

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