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An Insta-famous plastic surgeon who promised to make clients’ butts “pop” instead allegedly fumbled procedures that led to scarring or infections in California, according to dozens of former patients.

Dr. Arian Mowlavi, known as Dr. Laguna with more than 80,000 social media followers, charged thousands of dollars for some surgeries, only to leave patients with numerous problems following the work the doctor’s business did on them, according to multiple malpractice lawsuits against him and recently reported on by the Los Angeles Times.

Mowlavi demanded his patients get completely naked for an exam and touched their bodies without permission, and in some cases had unlicensed technicians perform some of the work, the newspaper reported, citing court docs.

He also posted pics and videos of their bodies online without their consent, the trove of docs claim.

“Dr. Mowlavi is a danger to the community and his plastic surgery patients,” Dr. Robert Kachenmeister, a California-based doctor who treated some of Mowlavi’s patients post-surgeries, reportedly wrote in a court-submitted court declaration.

There were accusations some of the surgeries were messed up by the doctor. Georgii – stock.adobe.com

Mowlavi would brag about his craft in numerous videos posted on social media.

In one clip cited by the LA Times, he said “We’re making some beautiful butts, so come with me” as he showed an unconscious patient face down on the operating table with her butt out in the open.

“This butt has volume, pop,” he cheerfully said. “This what we’re talking about guys.”

He has denied allegations of wrongdoing, arguing in court filings patients were aware of and assumed the risks from the surgeries in court filings, the LA Times reported.

The California Medical Board put forward a formal accusation against Mowlavi in 2021 that alleged multiple violations. The following year the board suspended his license for 90 days and slapped him with a 10-year probation, the outlet reported.

He reportedly did not fess up to wrongdoing but accepted the ruling.

One patient of Mowlavi even died back in 2018 days after undergoing surgery for liposuction, breast implants and other work, the LA Times reported.

He has posted past content on social media bragging about his work.
He has posted past content on social media bragging about his work. Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Institute

Irlanda Swarthout passed out and was rushed to the emergency room five hours after the procedure, according to the state’s medical board.

She had shortness of breath before collapsing at home and dying three days later from internal bleeding that stopped her heart, the board reported.

Her family sued in 2019 and then the medical board lodged an accusation against him that claimed he allowed surgical technicians to work on the patient.

The surgeon reached a $1 million settlement with her family and did not contest the board’s accusation, per the LA Times.

Another patient, social media influencer Chalene Johnson, made public claims that detailed her “plastic surgery nightmare” with Mowlavi.

While others began reaching out to Johnson about their issues with the doctor, Mowlavi sued her for defamation, the LA Times reported, insisting she received proper care.

More than 20 patients reportedly sued Mowlavi in Dec. 2021 because they said he put photos of them online without their blessing. One patient said she was even insulted during the video he posted.

“This woman had no magic, no pop, had a square masculine shape,” Mowlavi said before showing her post-surgery body, according to court records reviewed by the LA Times.

He has pushed for a stay in most of the lawsuits involving him after he filed for bankruptcy in 2022.

The under-fire doctor is also facing a lawsuit from the Orange County District Attorney’s office over alleged unlawful and unfair business practices, and an ongoing criminal probe.  

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