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JJ Redick was officially introduced as the next Los Angeles Lakers head coach on Monday afternoon, and he knew he was going to face a question regarding his lack of experience. 

He was prepared for it. 

“I have never coached in the NBA before. I don’t know if you guys have heard that,” Redick said with a sarcastic smirk. 

But one reporter followed up that statement from Redick by asking if he heard the critics and naysayers, and whether he’s looking to dispel any “misconceptions” about being the team’s next head coach. 

“It’s a valid question and I certainly heard everything,” Redick responded. “It’s been a really interesting six weeks or so just in terms of being part of the engagement-farming industry. It’s been really interesting. 

“However, I don’t really have a great answer for your questions because I really don’t give a f—. Like honestly, I want to coach the Lakers. I want to coach the team. I don’t want to dispel anything. I don’t. I want to become a great coach in the NBA, and I want to win championships. And I want my players to maximize their careers. That’s all I f—ing care about.”


Redick went on to explain his motivation for joining the Lakers as their new head coach despite not being a coach before in his career. The former sharpshooter went into sports media after his playing career came to an end. 

“My motivation for doing this, it starts with a very simple foundation of service,” he explained. “I think about the greatest moments, especially towards the end of my career, was about helping players. It starts with the desire to serve players, to serve the Lakers organization, to serve our fans. It’s also about competition and performance, collaboration, leadership. These are the things that drive me.”

Redick also noted that he won’t be podcasting anymore, especially with his “Mind the Game” pod he did with Lakers star LeBron James. 

JJ Redick high five

Speaking of James, Redick’s connection to the all-time leading scorer in NBA history was immediately pegged as a reason he landed in Los Angeles. 

However, Redick explained that he only spoke to James, who is expected to opt out of his Lakers contract and enter free agency, after he got the job offer from GM Rob Pelinka. 

“LeBron and I did not talk about the Lakers’ job until Thursday afternoon about 30 minutes after I was offered the job, and that was very intentional on both our parts,” Redick said. “I had an understanding that he did not want to be involved in this, and for me, I did not want to go down the part of hypotheticals with someone that I consider a friend and someone I have a great amount of respect for.”

Redick’s first coaching job comes with a franchise known for its history of dominance in the league, and he understands those expectations. 

JJ Redick speaks on microphone

“Sitting in this seat, I know what the expectations are,” he said. “Lakers fans have some of the most passionate fans around the world and the expectation is a championship. It’s my job, it’s our staff’s job, it’s Rob’s job, it’s all of us to deliver a championship-caliber team. That’s what I signed up for.”

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