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EAST LANSING, Mich. — Michigan State University trustees have approved settlements with the families of three students slain during a mass shooting earlier this year on the school’s campus.

Trustees voted unanimously Friday to approve separate claims with the families of Brian Fraser, Arielle Anderson and Alexandria Verner.

The school did not release the amounts of the settlements, but an attorney for Verner’s family told reporters the family will receive $5 million from Michigan State.

“While no amount of compensation can ever replace the loss of a life, we do hope this brings some closure, support and relief to these impacted families,” Trustee David Kelly said. “The university gives its deepest condolences to each of the three families, and we are committed to ensuring the memory of their child in not forgotten in the Spartan community.”

Anderson, Verner and Fraser were fatally shot and five other students were wounded Feb. 13 when Anthony McRae opened fire at Berkey Hall and the MSU Union.

McRae had no connection to the victims or the university, investigators have said. He killed himself the night of the shootings after police confronted him. Investigators said in April they were unable to determine any conclusive motive for the campus shootings.

“The Verner family did not seek to blame MSU for the death of their daughter,” family attorney David Femminineo said in a statement. “Instead, the Verner family has sought answers as to how this could be prevented in the future.”

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