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Independence Day is just around the corner! That means it’s time to prepare for your big BBQ or party. Preparing early helps make the week more relaxing and festive. Make sure you’re celebrating in style by going all out with the decorations. 

We’ve lined up 10 items that help keep your beer cold, show off your patriotic pride and make clean-up a breeze.

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The center of every July 4th party is the American flag. 

The staple of any Fourth of July party is the American flag. You can find an American flag at most big box stores like Lowe’s, but you can also get inside and outside American flags in a variety of sizes from Americanflags.com.

Get all the cutlery you need in one kit.

Make sure your table is set with all the right decorations. You can get tablecloths, cutlery, napkins and plates all in one kit, so you can easily deck out your table. Find festive party supplies at Amazon or Walmart.

Keep your drinks from sweating in the hot July sun. 

Everyone’s favorite drink needs to stay cold during the party, so make sure you have enough koozies for everyone to go around. You can get funny president-related koozies from Oriental Trading or at Walmart.

Show a little appreciation for your guests with party favors.

Party favors are always appreciated, and beaded necklaces are the perfect, budget-friendly options all your guests will appreciate. Amazon has a variety pack of red, white and blue beaded necklaces. Oriental Trading also has a simpler, 48-piece pack of necklaces.

Sparklers keep kids and adults entertained. 

Kids and adults alike love sparklers. They’re the PC version of fireworks that are much safer and quieter. Walmart has both six packs of sparklers or a 72-pack for anyone throwing a huge get-together.

Citronella keeps mosquitoes and other bugs away. 

Since most Fourth of July parties happen outdoors, keeping the bugs away is a whole project. Citronella candles can get the job done, plus you can easily find candles that are still on-theme. Amazon has a two-pack of American flag citronella candles. Tiki also has a bucket-sized candle for long-term burning.

Make sure your drinks stay cold the entire party.

Show off your array of drinks with an inflatable American flag cooler. They’re like mini swimming pools, but for all your drinks. Just inflate and add ice, and you can throw water, beer and everything in between right in. Find a few different options at Amazon or Oriental Trading.

Hang a wreath to show your patriotism all year. 

Adorn your door with a Fourth of July wreath. It’s an easy way to show off your love for our country during the entire summer. Amazon has a wreath made of white, red and blue flowers, or there’s a more classic wreath made of American flag bunting you can get from Lowe’s.

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Flag bunting makes the perfect addition to any July 4th party. 

Aiming for a classic look for your party? Put up some American flag bunting on your porch, windows or along your table setting. Oriental Trading has vintage bunting that makes your party look like it’s straight out of the 50s. Walmart has more affordable, modern-day bunting.

Fourth of July lawn decorations add even more fun to the party. 

Add some whimsy to your party with a giant inflatable Uncle Sam. You can find a 64-inch Uncle Sam for under $20 from Oriental Trading or get an Uncle Sam riding a firework for a bit more at Amazon.

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