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A “caring” Texas Sonic worker was allegedly gunned down after an argument with two female customers at the store’s drive-through on Sunday, days before his 34th birthday.

Daniel Shrewsbury was working his shift at the San Antonio location when he confronted the devious customers around 9:30 p.m, according to KSAT.

One of the customers is accused of fatally shooting Shrewsbury, who retreated into the restaurant and was later declared dead at the store.

Daniel Shrewsbury was killed while working the late night shift at Sonic in San Antonio on Sunday. Facebook

On Monday, the San Antonio Police Department released photos of two female customers — one donning a black tee-shirt and gold chain and the other in a floral pattern white sundress — inside the Sonic who had been arguing with Shrewsbury before he was killed.

No arrests have been made, and the suspect’s names have not been released.

Shrewsbury’s family believes his argument with the suspects stemmed from the pair trying to use counterfeit money to buy food, according to the outlet.

“Once my brother went out there and confronted them about the fake money, he got shot,” Jojo Shrewsbury, the Sonic employee’s grieving younger brother, said.

The San Antonio Police Department released photos of two female customers following the shooting. Facebook/San Antonio Police Department

“He was a real good brother, not just to me but everybody.”

Jojo Shrewsbury said his brother, who was less than a week away from celebrating his 34th birthday when he was fatally shot, was a “role model” to him and to many others.

“He’s not just known as a Sonic employee. He’s more than that,” he told KSAT while fighting back tears.

The department has since shared that the two individuals suspected to be involved in the killing have been identified. Facebook/San Antonio Police Department
Shrewsbury, who was able to retreat away into the restaurant after being shot, was later declared dead at the scene. Facebook

A witness who was in the drive-through heard three gunshots and said an employee ran to his car to let them know that an employee had been shot.

“I was on my phone sitting in line. And I heard what sounded like at first, the first gunshot. But didn’t really register that that’s what it was,” the witness told KENS5. “And then I heard two additional gunshots after that and my mind went, ‘ok something is happening here’. Tried to get out of there essentially, I was scared.”

“Poor girl, I feel for her,” the witness added, referring to the helpless worker. “She came up and asked me if I still wanted my order. That an employee had been shot. And she just had a complete look of shock on her face. And I just said, ‘No, no, I’m fine, I’m just trying to get out of here.’”

The Post reached out to the San Antonio Police Department.

Shrewsbury was less than a week away from celebrating his 34th birthday when he was fatally shot. YouTube/ KSAT 12

Shrewsbury’s sister, Jazmin Robinson, wrote in an emotional Facebook post on Tuesday that her brother “did not deserve to go like this” and slammed the suspects as cowards.

“They took my brother without any hesitation not caring about his family or loved ones it’s a sad sad world we live in ladies & gentleman I never thought I would loose my brother this way,” she wrote.

“I love you big brother forever & I always will, they took your body but they can’t have your soul, my memories of our time together will stay with me forever, I will never forget how much you were an amazing hard hard-working brother.”

Shrewsbury’s mother, Peggy Cofield, said her son was a “caring” man who was loved by “a lot of people.” YouTube/ KSAT 12

Shrewsbury was the oldest of three siblings.

When he wasn’t hard at work, he could be found playing video games, his family told the outlet.

A memorial was set up outside the doorway of the Sonic on Monday.

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