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A mother of a San Francisco 49ers player was trying to pick up a family photo from a CVS in the Bay Area, but the wrong family was on the picture when she opened the package. 

It was Tom Brady’s family instead. 

Katie Tonges, who is the sister of 49ers practice squad tight end Jake Tonges, shared a TikTok that showed the swap of family photos. 

“The photo my mom ordered to CVS,” Tonges captioned the TikTok. The picture showed the brother and sister along with two other siblings. 

Then, she captioned a photo saying, “The photo my mom was given,” which showed the entire Brady family: His sons, Jack and Benjamin, and his daughter, Vivian. 

The TikTok went viral, which prompted the future Hall of Fame quarterback to respond in the comments. 


“My mom must have been printing out some photos in San Francisco,” Brady said with a laughing emoji. 

Katie had also shared a text she got from her father. 

“Mom sent in a picture of you kids to CVS to give grandma for Christmas. We just received them today and instead of you guys we get Tom Brady and his kids,” the text read, also with a bunch of laughing emojis.”

Tom Brady interacts with kids

Katie responded to Brady as well, saying, “Next time you’re in town we can do a photo swap!”

The Brady photo that was swapped appeared to be from a New England Patriots game, where the whole family is wearing the iconic No. 12 jerseys. The Patriots recently honored Brady with a lighthouse at Gillette Stadium after his illustrious career in Foxborough. 

Now, the only question is whether each family kept the other’s picture. Katie hoped Brady’s mom did. 

“Hoping his mom will frame our photo,” she said in the comments. 

Tom Brady salutes crowd

There’s nothing quite like a little Christmas surprise. 

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