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The NFL decided to suspend Pittsburgh Steelers defensive back Damontae Kazee for the remainder of the season, saying he violated player safety rules for his hit on Indianapolis Colts receiver Michael Pittman Jr. on Saturday. 

Pittman laid out to make a catch at Lucas Oil Stadium when Kazee came in to knock the ball out, but placed a hit near Pittman’s neck and head area while he was mid-dive. 

Pittman left the game with a concussion and Kazee was subsequently ejected from the contest. 

Many have called out Kazee for hitting Pittman, who was defenseless in that moment. However, Tom Brady viewed the situation differently.

“Nobody likes seeing players get hurt. But hard hits happen. QBs should not be throwing the ball in areas where they are exposing their own teammates to these types of hits,” Brady wrote in the comments on an Instagram post. “Coaches need to coach better, QBs needs to read coverages and throw the ball to the right places and defenders should aim for the right hitting areas. 


“To put the blame on the defense player all the time is just flat out wrong. Need better QB play!! It’s not OK QBs to get your WRs hit because of your bad decisions!”

Damontae Kazee celebrates

This isn’t the first time Brady has commented about quarterbacks having accountability with the throws they make during games. He noted in 2021 that a quarterback has “gotta protect yourself and your players. It shouldn’t be the responsibility of your opponent to protect you.”

Kazee, however, is a repeat offender when it comes to hits like this. 

He had five previous fines for various unnecessary roughness penalties this season, totaling $59,030, per ESPN. 

Tom Brady with eye-black on and a camo red Buccaneer's hat

Kazee’s suspension would also include postseason play if the Steelers get into a playoff spot. However, their loss to the Colts pushed them down to 7-7, as Mike Tomlin’s group continues to spiral. 

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