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Fraternity members at the University of Miami were captured allegedly hazing on campus in broad daylight, prompting the school to launch an investigation into the disgusting acts.

In the video obtained by NBC South Florida, a student is seen crouching into a grey trash can while three others around him begin to chug what appears to be gallons of milk.

Fraternity members are seen chugging milk around a student sitting inside a trash can.

“That’s nasty,” said the person filming the video.

The three men then are seen spitting up and vomiting the liquid onto the student as he’s tucked away shirtless in the trash can, leaving a nasty trail of white streaming down his back.

The fraternity involved in the stunt was identified as Sigma Alpha Epsilon, which has been on the University of Miami’s campus since 2002.

“The University of Miami has received multiple reports related to alleged conduct violations by one of our fraternity chapters,” according to a statement provided to the outlet.

“We are aware of videos being circulated but can only confirm the authenticity of one video. A full investigation is underway.”

The Post reached out to the university for comment.

The students chugging then begin to spit up the milk on the student in the trash can.

The school ruled that hazing is an “absolute prohibition” for “any organization operating within the University of Miami” and could face suspension or expulsion for taking part in the illicit behavior.

“I think that’s a very extreme path to take to join a student organization,” UM Junior Nick Giannakopoulos told the outlet about the incident.

However, these allegations could come with much more serious consequences.

The fraternity involved in the stunt was identified as Sigma Alpha Epsilon.

If determined that they were hazing, the students not only face punishment from the school but could be charged with a first-degree misdemeanor or third-degree felony in Florida.

Hazing is defined in Florida as any action that “recklessly or intentionally endangers the mental or physical health or safety of a student” who is seeking “admission into any organization,” “affiliation with any organization”, or “tradition or ritual” associated with an organization, according to Florida State Law.

Police say they are currently not investigating the case since UM has yet to respond to their request, and no report has been filed, according to the outlet.

Sigma Alpha Epsilon has been on the University of Miami’s campus since 2002. Local 10

A student’s death at the University of Miami had previously been the reason the state enacted such strict hazing laws.

In 2005, the state passed the anti-hazing law after University of Miami student Chad Meredith died while trying to swim across a lake drunk four years earlier, according to NBC.

A civil jury ordered the fraternity Kappa Sigma to pay Meredith’s parents $12 million, but no criminal charges were ever filed.

In 2022, the University of Miami’s Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity, which had been on campus since 1949, was shut down after allegations that members drugged drinks and took part in chants about violence toward women.

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