From Tiger Shroff To Kim Kardashian, Influencer Imagines Celebrities As Potato Chips Flavours & Its Crazy

Chips company keep on inventing new flavours all the time!  But how about them coming up with celebrity flavours? 

Celebrity Flavours

An influencer on Instagram, @freddy_birdy actually imagined chips in human flavours and here are the results!

Power of Imagination

Which other flavour can be better than salt and pepper if its the ever handsome George Clooney. 

1. George Clooney

Who else would come in Balenciaga and Gucci flavours other thqan the OG Karan Johar. 

2. Karan Johar

I mean this is surely how the flavour of an OG socialite would look like! After all there's nobody like her in the world. 

3. Paris Hilton

The best part of this is that you have to open it in slow-mo karate kick after all its Tiger Shrofff flavour!

3. Tiger Shroff

Farah Khan is known for her amazing sense of humour and savage replies, so she csn surely be the spiciest flavour in the box. 

4. Farah Khan

Look at the packagaing, could it be any more apt?

5. Kim Kardashian

Can you think of more such celebrity flavours? Let us know!