Here’s Why Chennai Is Known As The ‘Detroit Of South Asia’

Chennai is a city in India which is known for its diverse and rich culture 


The city is a must visit for people who like visiting temples, like shopping and are foodies as the city serves some amazing local delicacies. 

A must-visit city

Chennai is popularly known as the Gateway To South India. This is because it acts as the centre of economic and cultural activity.

Gateway to South India

But did you know that is fondly also known as the "Detroit Of South Asia". 

Detroit Of Southern Asia

Chennai is home to significant auto manufacturing facilities as well as related businesses.


Chennai is home to several well-known automakers, including Ford, Hyundai, Nissan/Renault/Datsun, and Royal Enfield, among others.

Home to automakers

With some of the best roads in the nation, the city is home to a large population of automobile lovers.

Car enthusiasts

About 60% of car exports from India are from Chennai and it is the largest exporter of automobile in India. 

Automobile exports

Are you a car enthusiast? Which is your fav?