In Pics: SRK Spotted In Dubai For Dunki Promotions

SRK's Glamorous Arrival in Dubai

Shah Rukh Khan brought glamour to Dubai, promoting Dunki on December 17.

Fan Frenzy at VOX Cinemas

Hundreds gathered at VOX Cinemas City Centre Deira for a Dunki Fan Show where SRK dubbed it his "best film."

Warm Reception at City Centre Deira

VOX Cinemas City Centre Deira witnessed fan excitement as SRK interacted and shared insights about Dunki.

Kickstarting the Journey at Global Village

SRK's entry at Global Village for Dunki, marked the start of his Dubai promotional event.

Credits: Canva

Entertaining the Audience

Shah Rukh Khan delighted the audience with a captivating performance, featuring his latest romantic track, "Lutt Putt Gaya" and some songs from Pathaan.

Iconic Pose

His dance moves to 'O Maahi' and the recreation of his iconic open arms pose left fans thoroughly entertained.

Giveaways For The Fans

Shah Rukh Khan showered the fans with gifts as a part of giveaways during the promotion at Global Village.

Teddy Bears By King Khan

SRK threw teddy bears among the audience as gift.

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