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Taylor Swift’s name was searchable on X as of Tuesday morning, after it was blocked over the weekend on the platform due to nonconsensual sexually explicit deepfakes of the singer.

A search for the pop sensation on X early Tuesday pulled up results as normal, with a flurry of tweets, most about her appearance at Sunday’s NFL game supporting the Kansas City Chiefs.

Since Saturday, Swift’s name could not be searched on X. Instead, the platform returned with the message “Something went wrong. Try reloading.”

“Search has been re-enabled and we will continue to be vigilant for any attempt to spread this content and will remove it if we find it,” Joe Benarroch, head of business operations at X, told The Associated Press.

However, when a user searches for “Taylor Swift AI” the search results remain blocked. 

The ability to search for the star was blocked after concerning deepfakes — images created using artificial intelligence — had started to circulated on X on Wednesday. The images portrayed Swift as nude and in sexual scenarios.

It’s not clear where those images originated from, but they included a watermark that suggests they came from a website that is known for publishing fake nude images of celebrities. The website has a section dedicated to “AI deepfake.”

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