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A YouTuber almost successfully subbed into a Division 1 college basketball game, which created some content the two teams playing didn’t like. 

“Young Mantis,” who has roughly 53,000 subscribers on YouTube, attended an IUPUI Jaguars men’s basketball game against Lindenwood, where he walked over to the scorer’s table near the end of the game. 

Mantis ripped off a warmup jacket and revealed a white LeBron James Miami Heat jersey, which matched the white and red Jaguars jerseys. But a coach quickly ran to the scorer’s table to stop him from going on. 

At the time, Jaguars guard Jlynn Counter was at the line trying to shoot free throws. However, he stopped the second officials noticed what was happening at the scorer’s table. 

Mantis was mic’d up for the moment, where coaches and officials showcased their displeasure with the prank. Of course, a camera caught the whole moment as well across the court. 


IUPUI head coach Matt Crenshaw did, however, take the exchange in stride. Mantis was trying to make funny comments, but Crenshaw wasn’t yelling or pushing him off the court right away. He put his arm around him and walked off the court before security of the arena stepped in. 

Jonah Carrasco dribbles ball

Mantis was heard screaming, “Free Draymond,” during the video in reference to Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green. 

He was just suspended indefinitely by the NBA after his latest ejection against the Phoenix Suns. 

We have seen pranks occur at college basketball games in the past, including one where a YouTuber posed as a food delivery man and walked on the court looking for his “customer.”

While some laugh at situations like this, no one ever wants pranks to lead to impacting the game itself. This one took some time away from the end of the game, so it wasn’t that bad. 

IUPUI head coach Matt Crenshaw

In the end, it was just some YouTube content that is sure to get some laughs. 

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