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The sun has really been showing off its infernal firepower this year folks. In May, solar storms created awe-inspiring northern lights and the sun produced its largest flare in nearly two decades

Why you ask?

Our life-giving death star is experiencing its “solar maximum,” which, despite sounding like the name of a Christian rock band, is defined as the peak activity period within the sun’s 11-year solar cycle.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) reports the frequency and intensity of solar flares will continue to increase throughout the year. The effects of these spikes can be both seen and felt; technological glitches, unprecedented aurora borealis viewing, and for us Earthlings, serious energetic ramifications.

Here to shine a love light on the effects of the solar flares is intuitive psychic Elizabeth April, best-selling author of “You’re Not Dying You’re Just Waking Up.”

April tells The Post, “Every time the sun makes these little mini explosions, it produces a mass amount of energy, or electromagnetic frequency that hits the planet. These are the biggest flares that we’ve had in over 20 years. We’re at a solar maximum which means that this is not going to end anytime soon and it’s only going to get more intense. “

Elizabeth April shares her suggestions for treating the symptoms of solar flares.

April points to the “Schumann Resonance,” a set of spectrum peaks also known as Mother Earth’s natural heartbeat that typically reverberates at 7.83 Hz. “This is essentially the frequency meter of the planet and with the solar flares affecting us the resonance has been absolutely off the charts.”

If the flares are affecting the heartbeat of the earth how is this energetic onslaught affecting we earthlings?

Solar flare symptoms

A strong solar flare was spotted by NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory on May 8, 2024. NASA/SDO

April tells The Post, “We are energy beings, first and foremost, physical beings after. At a physical level, a lot of people are getting sick at this time; experiencing cold and flu-like symptoms, headaches, dizziness sleeplessness, and hot sweats. It’s a purging, a cellular purging, pushing old energy out.”

Other effects include anxiety lucid dreaming and increased sensitivity. And while all this purging can be purifying, April admits the process is not pretty.

Increased solar activity led to unprecedented visibility of the Northern Lights this year. ADAM VAUGHAN/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock

“In the short term, it feels like the world is collapsing. We’re going through an ego death, and we’re not getting any sleep, it feels very overwhelming. Emotions will be heightened, we’re going to be more sensitive, more empathic, more intuitive, more in tune to that energetic realm, which also means that aspects of our reality may also feel way more draining, because we’re feeling more.”

She assures that the purpose of this painful period is our greater good, both personally and collectively. “All of these symptoms are a huge push in the direction of ascension or awakening,” she said. “It pushes us more into the energetic realm, which in the long term helps us evolve as conscious beings.”

Taking care during solar flares


April recommends grounding through rest, breathwork and whole foods. Nata Bene – stock.adobe.com

April tells The Post, “It’s so important to ground ourselves because the energies from the solar flares will elevate us, but also create these symptoms. Doing some breathwork is a really great grounding mechanism. Eating whole organic foods also helps to ground and heal the body.”

She also recommends folks steal sleep whenever they can, “Because of the heightened exhaustion that we’re going to feel, getting sleep whenever you can, taking extra naps, going to bed a little bit earlier, is all going to support this uplifting energy coming through.”


Though the intensity of the solar flares can be draining, they also present a prime time to manifest. Photocreo Bednarek – stock.adobe.com

April maintains that the power of manifestation is heightened during solar flare activity, comparing it to the energy of the new moon, “When we get hit with solar flares, on a metaphysical level it really opens doors up for possibility. Yes, we feel overwhelmed. Yes, we feel chaotic. But things are open, energetically, which allows for incredible manifestations. When heightened energies are there. Anything is possible. All timelines exist simultaneously. So what do you want for yourself? That is the ideal time to speak it aloud and anchor that into your reality.”

Solar flares and astrology

In astrology, the sun is synonymous with life force. lukszczepanski – stock.adobe.com

In astrology, the sun is our primary celestial influence, the life force that determines who we are and how we move through the physical world and the spiritual plane. In-kind, high solar flare activity provides the impetus for powerful personal shifts, offering us the chance to step into ourselves and our inner knowing.

April explains to the Post, “There’s a really big emphasis at this time on empowerment of the individual. No longer are we going to be seeking out a spiritual teacher for answers. We’re being led to a place where we become our own teachers. The solar flares are allowing us to be a little bit more consciously aware. It’s forcing us to go within, to understand that we can do it ourselves.”

Flaring up into higher consciousness and personal power? Can dig.

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