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Sadie Sink is solidifying her “Scream Queen” status in the new cult thriller A Sacrifice.

After memorable performances in Stranger Things and Fear Street, Sink, 22, is continuing her horror streak with the haunting new film. Sink plays Mazzy, a rebellious teenager who reunites with her father, Ben (Eric Bana), who is a social psychologist researching a local Berlin cult. However, in Us Weekly’s exclusive first look at the movie’s trailer, viewers quickly find out that Mazzy becomes embroiled with the cult herself.

“The minute someone mentions sacrifice or redemption I smell cult,” Bana, 55, says as Ben in the trailer as he investigates a crime scene suspected of being a group sacrifice.

The film — which is based on the Nicholas Hogg novel Tokyo Nobody — also stars Sylvia Hoeks, Jonas Dassler, Sophie Rois, Stephan Kampwirth and Lara Feith.

“Don’t talk to strangers,” Dassler’s character, the alluring local boy Marting, tells Mazzy in the trailer before introducing her to his “group.” The more Mazzy sees of Marting’s group, the darker the situation gets.

“Untangle yourself from your parents,” Rois’ character, Hilma, who appears to be one of the leaders of the cult, tells Mazzy. “The sooner you stop relying on them the more powerful you will be. Purify and start again.”

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As Ben and Mazzy’s story lines — on opposite ends of the mysterious cult — begin to intersect, Ben has to race against the clock to save his daughter.

Jordan Scott — daughter of legendary director Ridley Scott — serves as the screenwriter and director of the film. A Sacrifice follows her 2009 feature film debut, Cracks. Ridley is credited as a producer on the thriller alongside Michael Pruss, Jonas Katzenstein, Maximilian Leo and Georgina Pope. Bana is also an executive producer, lending his skills both behind and in front of the camera.

Sink — who has proved her versatility in acting in a variety of roles on the stage and screen — can be seen ominously floating in a body of water, vomiting a mysterious liquid and being carried out to the woods in the film’s trailer. The young actress seems to find her stride in thrillers and horror roles.

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“They require you to just really throw yourself into it and be out in the elements and really be in the moment, you leave everything out there,” Sink told MTV of the genres in 2021. “I became a lot more comfortable, you know, screaming on camera and doing things that feel so unnatural and ridiculous sometimes.”

She added: “There’s this energy that’s so fun on the horror-movie set. And even though, sometimes, it’s actually pretty tense and scary when it needs to be, for the most part, weirdly it feels a little bit more lighthearted than when you’re doing something that’s more dramatic.”

A Sacrifice premieres in theaters on June 28.

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